Interview Training - make an impact!

Media Training

Journalists are neither friends nor foes, but partners that want to do their job as good as you want to do yours.

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Interview Training

Our Interview-trainings save you time, money and disappointment. Recruiter, Hiring Manager or candidate

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Public Speaking

Managers should spend 85% of their working time communicating: In presentations, talks with employees and stakeholders, in paneldiscussions…

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Customers only stick to companies, brands & products, if they see and feel that the unique selling point of the product has an emotional connection.

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Business Communication Coaching

We do accompany you on the journey

  • to your personal communicational excellence
  • of words from heart to head to mouth

We coach:

  • better listening – easier being understood – communicate target oriented and more empathic
  • overcome stage fright & fear of speaking in public
  • how to boost your career with the right words

With interventions from

  • Neurocommunication
  • Provocative-Intuitive Coaching
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • NLP & Systemic Coachingas well as Neuro-Communication


  • All who wish to communicate excellent in business

Intake-Talk, followed by 3x ½ day
1:1 sessions

Intercultural Communication

Working together in an international environment always means working out of the comfort zone. Our trainings enhance the perception of other cultures and teach how how to act adequately in intercultural business enviroments – away from all national clichees. We focus on

  • intercultural business communication Germany–Netherlands
  • successful Business between Europe and the USA/ Canada
  • communication in multicultural projects
  • Communicational acoompanying of Mergers & Acquisitions

These trainings all are tailored and offered individuallly after a briefing.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."


Keynotes & Moderations

is Key Note SPEAKER… Conference & Corporate Events

  • Male & female communication: how language brings gender closer to each other
  • Why Storytelling makes the diference between winning & losing for companies
  • Being Miss Understanding – intercultural communication as key for global success in the future
  • How to communicate fearlessly and achieve everything.


Conferences & workshops, Panel Discussions & Gala events, preferably in business environments

Pair of shoes

Spotlight & Backstage

  • Talking is gold, and silence the beginning of all disaster.
  • A connected world requires sensitive perception, thinking & communicating.
  • Communication is taking place between people. Not between Mailboxes or Facebook-Accounts.
  • Products, services and communication channels are only transmitters, not the communication itself.
  • Communication is successful, when it enables the reciever to (re)act in a way intended by the sender.
  • We get you talking. Making your stories stronger and your interviews & public speeches more impactful.
  • We create an atmosphere of feeling secure and protected.
  • We do believe in Strong. In Leaning In. In Energizing. We do expect the same from you. Transformation doesn’t come without you transforming.
  • We do come close, are direct and dare challenging you.
  • We will stay with you until you reached your goal. And beyond, if you let us. That makes our work and your communication sustainable.


Curriculum Vitae

Communication since 1992

  • Study of German and English/American language and literature, psychology and linguistics in Germany and Austria, after that copywriting, concepting and presenting for several
  • Public Relations and Communication Consulting for IT-Companies (Silicon Graphics, VLSI
  • Turn towards the Media-Branch, PR and MarCom for the first Internet-Show on German Television and Radio (ZDF, BR)
  • Back to the IT-Industry, Manager Corporate Communications DACH for Logitech
  • from 2001 Postgraduate Study Master of Business Training; Präsentainment-Academy Bergheim, (Andreas Bornhäußer,
  • additional studies in conflict management and mediation 
  • Certified Integral Business Coach (European Coaching Association),
  • Postgraduate Provocative-Intuitive Coaching
  • Founder & Managing Director of Impact! Communication Coaching, specialized in Media Coaching & Training in  Public Communication


  • Bayerische Akademie für Werbung, Full Time Class & Evening Class for Marketing & Communication Specialists (Briefing, New communication & Social Media Communication, Marketing Concepts)
  • Rudolfs-University Vienna, Communication Sciences & Public Relations (from concept to presentation – developing skills in marketing communication & public relations, Storytelling)


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IMPACT! Communication Coaching
Katja Schleicher

IMPACT! Communication Coaching
Katja Schleicher

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