Coaching projects consist of at least 3 sessions of 3 hours.

We then draw up an interim balance and discuss the further approach.

Our coaching is method-independent, holistic (systematic) and solution-oriented. We are not mentors or consultants and believe that the basis for communicative success is already present in you. We are happy to be an empathetic companion in finding and implementing the path to this communicative success. We coach:

Communicative excellence

  • When mediocrity is not sufficient
  • especially for managers and teams in demanding environments and industries

Communicative resonance

  • If no one can stay behind and everyone should be heard
  • Especially for managers and teams with diversity and inclusion challenges

Communicative resilience

  • If you are distracted, absent or listening to everything and everyone and thus influenced by any opinion. When only what you say counts and your inner voice and that of others is silenced

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from/about Katja Schleicher

Exercising power with words is a great art in a narrow grey area.

Talking is gold and silence the beginning of all misery.

I’ve had the pleasure to experience Katja’s support both personally as well as for my team on multiple occasions throughout the last couple of years. Katja is a master in communication and elevates the level of communication and story telling every time you engage with her. I'd recommend Katja’s expertise to anyone who wants to increase the impact of their message in any type of communication.

Robert den Driver, Sr. Director Symantec

Katja is a passionate communications expert who is highly analytical in her assessment and knows how to bring it across. She will never give up until "the message" is distilled and understands to coach her clients into the sharpening their communication.

Roland Rott, GM GE Women’s Healthcare Ultra Sound

Katja's courses are a discovery experience. They are a time for convincing power building, crystallizing of the originality, an out-of-the-box undertaking. For this, I can full-heartedly recommend Katja to anyone who is interested in achieving Impact.

Iveta Dimova, Cross Cultural Solutions

Her training is just different compared to other trainings that I've had before: - Highly tailored and personalized! - Using gripping tools and methodologies! - Making sure you get what you need!

Eva van Pelt, Member of the board, Eppendorf Group

Communication is people's business. And Katja is an extremely well connected person that I really (!) enjoy working with for years now.

Thomas Kuhn, Wirtschaftwoche

Katja heeft mij en mijn collega's een fantastische eerste training gegeven in presentatietechnieken. Met behulp van kleine opdrachten werden we steeds sterker in ons verhaal en kwamen er steeds meer verschillende technieken aan de pas. Zeker een aanrader voor iedereen die presentaties geeft, maakt niet uit op wat voor een schaal. Belangrijk is hoe je jezelf neerzet en presenteert, hier wordt goed op gelet!

Mike Coumans, Sendsteps


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We have extensive communicative expertise, its Value is only fruitful when we start with a common briefing with the client. Whether it’s topping up a half day in the office or an isolated retreat on an island – together we develop and find the training format in which all participants can develop their communicative personality and the corresponding skills and abilities.

If necessary and appropriate, we bring in equal partners from our European network who complement our mentality and way of working and support the training objectives with their skills.

With our work we contribute to this,

that the heart puts the right words in the mouth
en-courage to speak up
find the right word at the right time

The result of all activities is a greater and sustainable communicative effect towards all stakeholders.

  • Communication always takes place between people. Products, services and media channels are only means to an end.
  • Communication is always successful if it enables the receiver to act in the interest of the sender.
  • We strengthen talents and build on what you can already build upon communicatively.
  • We show you how to use your body and voice as additional instruments to support your communication.
  • We use the power of the subconscious, but save you the esoteric chitchat.
  • We find it a matter of respect not to sugarcoat the messages to our customers. They are grownups.

A networking world requires a sensitive perception and at least as much thinking and communication. With our pan-european perspective we prepare you for complex international communicative challenges.

All training and coaching sessions are offered in German, English and/or Dutch. With a multicultural audience you give us a special pleasure.

  • We let you experience all means of communication with your own examples. We then feed these practical examples with theoretical models.
  • We always know more than we say, but we never say more than we know.
  • We see communication as a means of creating added value, not as a means of recycling leftovers.
  • Preparation and follow-up take at least as long as the training itself.


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