About: This podcast hosted by Jeremy Doran is all about communicating with people who are different than you: ‘We assume that everyone communicates the way that we do, but that is usually wrong. By paying attention to how we communicate, and how others do we can have much better conversations and avoid misunderstandings.’

This is totally Katja’s expertise, so definitely a podcast to go listen to. You can listen or watch it here.

Katja and Jeremy discuss: various aspects of effective communication. Including intercultural communication, agile communication, and the power of narrative.
They also explore the importance of listening skills, balancing big picture and detail-oriented communication, and adapting communication to different audiences. How it’s important to emphasize the value of talking and resolving conflicts, as well as the significance of effective communication in relationships.
You can also learn about Katja’s favorite travel destinations and how she highlights the importance of starting conversations and being polite in communication.