About: Katja talks to Paul Wilson on his Happy Head Podcast about how to start making a connection with your potential clients through communication to show what you and your company are all about.

Listen to the full podcast here or watch.

Some of the key thoughts:

*Communication = everything

*What (not) to do when you start your business:
1) Don’t just start doing what you do best, but also start to talk about what you do or going to achieve. Make it part of your priorities directly when you start your business.
2) After a while, maybe a year or two, check what is an important channel and what you can leave out. Investigate what is the best way to approach your clients and focus on that medium.
3)Try to initiate a dialogue, ask questions. Don’t only send information, but start a conversation.

*What if your posts are not successful on social media and you get no response?
Blame it on the algorithm and try again.
– do not give up
– do not take it personally
– your idea is still good
– try again
– and again….
In the noise the communication world makes nowadays, it is not easy to find exactly that proper sound that is heard and responded to.
*Read a lot on topics you are dealing with; news, Linked In, Twitter, and start commenting on those to build your reputation.
You learn a lot and your own posts will be responded to more because you’re noticed.
You can’t expect things from others when you are not willing to move your ass to your audience.
-Put an interesting statement, positive or negative, phrased in a question out there to which people can react. They will start thinking about what you do and form an opinion on this. It will start a discussion.
– Become a commentator by asking socratic questions to open up room for further discussion.
Communication is not about making your point, but about opening the discussion.
Just listen, so you can use whatever has been said in your response. Or use a quote from the text your reading in your response.
Active listening; so people feel heard and you become a likeable conversation partner.
*3 tips to become a better communicator (writing and talking):
1) Start with building a narrative; this is what I can contribute to the world through my business.
2) Look for stages; small or big
3) Write to yourself, journal or talk to yourself 5 minutes a day to get your story right and become a good conversation partner on your line of business.
Behind every story there is an emotion and that emotions are the connecting glue to people who are not in your business.
Narrative structure proces:
* about your past; how did you get into this business?
* who are you
* what are your values
* your future stories