2023 will be the year where we’ll have to choose our words even more distinct. To be more authentic and uniquely recognizable for your thoughts, diction & style. #chatgpt from #OpenAI has shown us what is (maybe) possible – not what should be said or written. Even more we as communicators will make sure our audiences recognize us (and our clients) from afar und trust us because of our uniqueness.

This is what I briefed Chat GPT for New Year wishes..

“Write positive inspiring and smart wishes for my clients in 2023 about true, good and beautiful words that will help us to build bridges through communication between cultures and improve understanding by listening better and responding more adequately.”  

this is what I got back:

  • Here are some positive, inspiring, and smart wishes for your clients in 2023:
  • May you continue to grow and learn, embracing the beauty and diversity of different cultures and viewpoints.
  • May your communication with others be filled with understanding, kindness, and respect, as you work to build bridges of understanding and connection.
  • May you strive to listen with an open mind and heart, and to respond thoughtfully and compassionately to those around you.
  • May you find joy and fulfilment in your relationships and interactions with others, and may you continue to work towards creating a more harmonious and inclusive world.
  • May you be inspired by the beauty and goodness in the world, and may you use your words and actions to bring more of that beauty and goodness into the lives of those around you.
  • I hope these wishes bring you and your clients hope and encouragement as you strive to create meaningful and positive connections with others.


AND HERE IS what I without any AI wish for you hoping that our paths will cross in of my a #communication #coachings, a #publicspeaking #training or in one of my #keynotes.

– Be who you are. Not more, not less. But that be to the fullest. In what you say and even more in what you do.

– Open doors with your words. For others and the other. The more unexpected, the better.

– Enjoy being in awe of things you cannot comprehend completely.

– Enjoy not knowing every answer immediately.

– Dare asking questions. No easier way to open doors and bridges.

– Don’t hold back with your #opinion while avoiding #judgement . Look for the right #moment to speak up. Timing is crucial in every direction: too early is as bad as too late.


Stay #curious. Always.