About: In this podcast Andrea Johnson and Katja talk about Leadership Principles, habits in communication and how to see, and make use of, ‘green flags’.

Topics discussed:

* Keep going – don’t stop. You have to look but the answer will always show up…keep going.
* Look into your own story.  Your obstacles are your own, but they should never lead you to give up.
* Engage in regular curiosity.
* Be intentional about turning things upside down on purpose in order to train yourself to see things differently.
* When you hear or see someone speak and it resonates with you, tell them.  It opens up communication lines that build bridges.
* Give specific feedback.
* There are commonalities and contrasts, go to the contrasts – outside of the comfort zone, this is where adventure awaits.
* Dive deep. We have a tendency to be very shallow.
* Knowing something deeply from all sides and angles gives you confidence

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