About: In this podcast Katja talks to journalist Richard Midson. This broadcaster is on a mission to get behind the secrets of the public speaking world.

They talk about:
* how to use both feminine and masculine communication patterns to communicate more easily and solve problems.
* how Katja supports her clients to build a perfect speech. How she can ease your stage fright and anxiety by using the right words at the right moments.

Listen to the podcast here.

  • Katja has a no nonsense approach to communication business. Katja does not waste words. She understands communication and the power of what is said. She knows how vital her role as coach & trainer is; as communication can make or break a business. To deliver the right message that brings them to the winning side.
  • To communicate well, think about using a different communication style to your own.
  • Successful keynotes can sometimes be about simply helping people get in touch with what they already know and showing them how to utilize it.
  • Katja designs with her clients talks that way: Get a concept, a thesis, an idea. It can be as small as a tweet. Test lines and ideas on anyone you know to see if the idea resonates. Once she has 10-12 one-liners, she puts them in order in order to form a body of her talk. She then looks for research about each point and places them under each point in her notes. The talks then build themselves.
  • Make sure your words, spoken or written, resonation in a way that your audience can be an ambassador for what you have said and written.
  • “Virtual” public speaking requires you to be more of a presenter who can talk to people in the room BUT also to the audience watching you passively online.
  • Think, “how can I make this talk quotable”. What phrases do I want my audience to leave the room still thinking and saying?
  • When talking to corporations they want to achieve things by the end of your talk. Simply “talking” is not enough. They want results.
  • When working out your talk, ask yourself, “how am I going to ease your pain?”