Annette Simmons – Whoever tells the best story wins

Petra Sammer – Storytelling. Die Zukunft von PR und Marketing

Frenzel/ Müller /Sottong – Storytelling

Robert Fulford – The triumph of the narrative

Maxwell/ Dickman – The elements of persuasion

Nick Owen – The Magic of Metaphor: 77 stories for teachers, trainers and thinkers

Scientific & Neuropsychological background

Mieke Bal – Narratology

 Larry Brooks – Story Engineering

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Stephen Denning – The Leaders Guide to Storytelling

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PR, Sales, Digital & Content Marketing

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Petra Sammer – Storytelling 

Presenting on Stage

Doug Stevenson – The Story Theater Method

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Script, Drama & Hollywood

Marietheres Wagner – Prinzip Hollywood

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Olson/ Barton/ Palermo – Storytelling Connection. Hollywood meets Critical Thinking

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Corporate & Branding

Gabrielle Dolan – Stories for work. The essential guide to Business Storytelling

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